Data Centre Server Co-location

No data centre in Ireland can match our prices.
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Server Co-Location Plans

Our Guarantee
No host or data centre in Ireland will beat our co-location prices, if you can find a better deal we'll refund the difference & give you 1 month free!
- Free server reboots.
- MRTG bandwidth usage reports.
- Emergency Linux & Windows servers always ready.
- Emergency 24/7 hands on support.
- Unlimited IP addresses (Justification required)
- Multiple connections with redundancy. (BGP)
- Backup UPS & diesel backup generator.
- CCTV recording & 24/7 on-site security.
- Managed DNS through user friendly cpanel.
- Air conditioned facility.
- Dedicated client area for testing/staging.
- 30 day money back & uptime guarantee.
- No setup charge or minimum contract.
- Pay yearly and get one month free.
- 100Mbit uplink (Full duplex on fibre network)
Shelf Space
Hosting Plan Number of Servers Connection Power Points Data Transfer Price Buy
Colo1 1 Server 100Mbps 1 250GB € 180 pm buy
Colo2 Up to 3 Servers 100Mbps 3 750GB € 430 pm buy
Colo3 Up to 6 Servers 100Mbps 12 1,500GB € 864 pm buy
Colo4 Up to 9 Servers 100Mbps 18 3,000GB € 972 pm buy
Colo5 Up to 12 Servers 100Mbps 24 6,000GB € 1080 pm buy
Rack Space
Hosting Plan Rack Space Connection Power Points Data Transfer Price Buy
Rack1 1U 100Mbps 1 250GB € 125 pm buy
Rack2 2U 100Mbps 1 250GB € 150 pm buy
Rack3 4U 100Mbps 1 250GB € 180 pm buy
Rack4 7U 100Mbps 2 250GB € 365 pm buy
Rack5 10U 100Mbps 3 250GB € 475 pm buy
Rack6 15U 100Mbps 5 1,000GB € 550 pm buy
Rack7 22U 100Mbps 7 1,000GB € 700 pm buy
Rack8 45U 100Mbps 10 1,500GB € 1100 pm buy
* (pm = Per Month)

Optional Extras
- Hardware firewall protection: Add €50 Per Month
- Remote reboot box: Add €25 Per Month
- KVM over IP box: Add €50 Per Month
- Weekly off-site backups (20GB): Add €50 Per Month
- Server monitoring (With SMS Alert): Add €10 Per Month
- Extra power point: Add €30 Per Month


Gfile Transfer files. No email address needed. No Links. Just the file and a password you make up.Many thanks to Web World for their amazing job hosting our servers :) Super fast 24/7.
Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin
I moved over to Web World because of the difficulty with dealing with similar companies abroad. Web World has always been helpful and obliging with any technical problems I have had with both hosting and domain names, all at the price of a local phone call - Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin

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